Monday, February 4, 2008


I was just surfing the internets and I came across SPIROGRAPH! If your near the same age as me, you will remember SPIROGRAPH! A great time-waster, in the 70's it was a refreshing break from
playing with sticks and flashlights outside. Oh and the occasional discovery of pornography in the woods. In the 70's, if your were a kid and at some point you didn't inadvertently find porn in the woods? , you were..pretty unlucky.

Anyway, SPIROGRAPH! made cool patterns and designs for about 7 minutes. About how long it took for the expression of mild amusement on your face to change to a half frown, why? because it was the 70's! Pen technology was at it's infancy and at any given moment, when the direction of the SPIROGRAPH! wheel would change, the chances of ink build up on the ball of the pen being released onto the paper was about 100%. Basically creating horrible spots along the hairline pattern. It looked like shit.

There are some online interactive SPIROGRAPHS! but it's not the same and it doesn't look like anything good.

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