Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinatown Express

Pedestrian in name, but not in food. It's Chinatown Express. Whenever I'm down D.C. and I'm in Chinatown, I make my way here to eat. It's quick and it's cheap, The food has an authentic, uniquely regional taste,'s upscale flavor for bargain basement prices. For this reason, eating there is somewhat of a chore,.. it's busy. Most of the time it's elbow to elbow, the waitresses can be rude, and you can hear the conversations of everyone in the place. But it's all a good time and good eats.

Their noodles are their specialty, they make them on the spot, there's a tiny open side kitchen at the entrance where it's prepared, along with the duck chefs. It's a well known hang out for the Verizon center staffers, and on game day if you don't have press credentials around your neck, you feel out of place.

The chopsticks are a foot and a half long, the tea pot looks like a relic, but as soon as your seated and you start on the menu, you can't help but to pause, look around and feel the pleasant cultural experience of it all.

Pictured is the fresh seafood noodle soup I ordered for $6.
,15 min lunch wait
746 6th St. NW
Washington DC

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Kim said...

you're not as observant as i thought - you didn't mention the 10 yr old crusty, soy sauce/hot sauce combo stuck to the wall on booth #12 in the back room near the bathroom!