Thursday, July 24, 2008

Oyster Po' Boy at Bread Line


If your from D.C. and you haven't heard of Bread Line, it's like being from Orlando and not have heard of Mickey. Usually packed by White House staffers, they've been flat-out called the best sandwich makers in Washington D.C., oh, and their small industrial-like bread factory cranks out some pretty good bread too. Sandwiches like soft shell crab, the Cuban on Thursdays are the talk of the place, and from what I've read, EVERYONES favorite egg salad sandwich.

Today for me, the Oyster Po' Boy. Six huge pieces of fried oysters, very good, two were a little soggy,..I don't know what that means,..the other four or so, crispy. A very tasty, spicy remoulade, a little too heavy on the Bermuda onion. All sitting on a layer of seasoned, vinegar marinated cabbage. It was good they carved out the middle of the bun, or were looking at me falling out of my chair and collapsing, leaving me with food in my mouth and convulsing. This Po' Boy was tasty but seemed a little over complicated with flavors taking away from the prize, the oysters. I'm not daunted though, they're know for great sandwiches and am looking forward to trying them all.

Bread Line1751 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington DC a202.822.8900

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