Friday, September 26, 2008

Ray's Hell Burger


Your not going to find any french fries here, " fries, ever.." says owner Michael Lundrum. They don't serve them, just corn, watermelon and a few light sides. Ray's Hell Burger in Arlington Va., is got the buzz as the best burger's in our entire area, at least for now. A very large 10oz. patty, cooked 1. "warm red center" 2. "pink" or 3. "cooked throughout" I had the pink, and it was still deliciously bloody. 3 months training is required for the cooks. The apprenticeship at Lundrums Ray's the Steaks a few doors down.

The burger I had was $6.95 plus $1 for the Smoked Mozzarella, two half ears of corn and a giant iced tea, all for $10 bucks. Great price! and they have more expensive, specialty burgers too. The choice of luxurious cheeses for the price is the kicker here, all on top of a home ground, perfectly cooked monster. The brioche bun is lacking, and it quickly disintegrates under the juicy steak, but who cares. Warning, the place is small and IT PACKS OUT, all day, every day.


Ray's Hell Burger (Butcher Burgers), 1713 Wilson Blvd.; 703.841.0001. Open Monday thru Thurs at 5pm, Friday, Saturday and Sunday noon to "whenever". MAP

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