Sunday, May 4, 2008


If you live here in the D.C. area and your looking for the best multi-tap bar/saloon, and your tired of the BULLSHIT service and lack of "inventory" at the Brickskeller (although those crab claw appetizers at the Brick are unbelievable) get your ass down to RFD's on 7th St. NW. Although there the same owners as the Brick that doesn't account for the crappy service from their staff.

The dining room is HUGE, plenty of tables for everybody, lots of flat screens, all surrounded by a long, winding oak bar backed by a pretty cool and knowledgeable staff. Their glassed refrigerators displaying the multitude of brews is something to behold, it's the last vision I want to see before I leave this world. Their "beer book" is like a phone book for a small town. They sport over 300 different types of bottled beers, which I'm told is constantly changing and updated, and they have the areas largest tap list. Their menu has burgers, pasta and pizza, most of which have fine beers incorporated into their recipes. Heaven, right? Open till 2:30 am Fri-Sat.

810 7th St.
Washington D.C. NW


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