Sunday, May 4, 2008

The U.S. National Arboretum

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The Potomac Bonsai Festival was held at The National Arboretum this weekend, if you missed it, don't worry, their permanent, world-class collection rivals those in the festival. There was also a huge Bonsai sale today under tents, on the grounds. The Arboretum is kind of a wonder in this city, ask anyone who's been there. It's our version of Central Park in New York. Of course you'll have to haul your groceries all the way to New York Ave and Bladensburg road NE. But it's worth it for sure. If you ever want to get lost in almost 450 acres of winding paths and lush plant, this is your kinda place. Now that's all great, but they also have a koi pond that's just ridiculous! Thousands of koi from 3 feet long to 3 inches, at your fingertips,.. your right with them too, you don't get to see them from above, you can be along the edge of the pond 6 inches from the water, feeding them food. At times they look so numerous, you feel you could walk on top of them. Worth the trip alone. For more pics click here. The festival is through May 4 only.

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Kimi said...

can i have an assortment of the bonsai's for mother's day? LMAO