Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Stuff Eatery


Spike Mendelsohn cracked the top 5 on the brilliant Top Chef on Bravo. I've watched the last two seasons religiously, and happen to think it's the most purposeful show on all of television. So it was pretty cool to see him slinging the grub today at his Good Stuff Eatery. With local ties and with his family, he's opened a burger joint in Capitol Hill. He's also our newest Caps fan.

Their beef is organic, he uses Vermont cheddar, Ruby tomatoes, dairy fresh cheese, home-made ice cream and shakes, and salads are on the menu served with cornbread. With the new restaurant buzz, I waited 45 min. to order my burger, I was gonna get something light but I said screw it, I waited all this time I needed satisfaction, the "Spikes 5 Napkin" (Vermont cheddar, Applewood bacon, egg, on toasted Brioche), with onion rings, (pictured in the cup), with various dipping sauces that are available. The entire meal with drink, $13.

The burger was rich, lovin the egg, not as greasy as it looks in the pic, the patty was alittle undercooked, the seasoned bacon and cheese helped it along, with the light Brioche. The Vidalia onion rings,..more like petals, were crispy in parts and soggy and undone in others,..it means well but it needs work,...or the resaturant needs time to recover from the massive lines resulting in backed up orders in the kitchen. They have interesting specialty burgers on the menu, one with Daikon and carrots, will have to try another time,..like in two months when the lines are gone.

The place is clean, cool, trendy, distressed wood along with chrome features, the music is cranked, looking forward to going back when it's not so hurried for the customers and their crew.

Good Stuff Eatery • 303 Pennsylvania Ave. SE., D.C. a202.543.8222

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Anonymous said...

Food is really tasty. Spike is a cool cat. Went to his opening party- great food, decent drinks and beautiful women. The guy knows how to live and DC welcomes him.