Friday, September 12, 2008

My Margherita at Pupatella


Hand-rolled pizza pie from a food cart? Say what? It's the little red food cart that can. Pupatella on the corner of 9th and N. Stuart St, Ballston Common, Arlington Va., next to the Ballston Metro. I heard whispers of this place hanging out at the Kettler Iceplex around the corner. And you know when people whisper, it's gotta be good. Culinary school friends Anastasiya Laufenberg and Enzo Algarme are both slinging it, in Neopolitan style, and flavor, for cheap. Working with tiny 650 degree ovens, they peddle way above average street fare.

My Margherita was 6 bucks, thin, light, really fresh tasting mozzarella, and of course San-Marzano tomatoes. The Margherita is the easiest thing on the menu so I got it in about 8 min. Their bringing it to us, so check them out. Washingtonian Magazine also says they got the best sausage and grilled onion sandwich this side of Philadelphia! Will have to try next time.


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