Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tackle Box

I first heard of Tackle Box in Georgetown D.C. from the local food section of our paper and it got some pretty good reviews, then I read it has a Lobster Roll on the menu and I immediately starting working out in my head a travel route and my secret parking spots near Wisconsin and M St.

Tackle Box opened two weeks ago and is a New England-style shore shack eatery conceptualized by PH Restaurant groups Chef Barton Seaver (who I met there with his chocolate lab puppy in hand) and New Orleans Executive Chef Robert Bechtold. They first opened the up-scale restaurant Hook on M street, and then Tackle Box right next door. The kitchen shares and borrows from each other throughout service. Although Tackle Box is a casual eatery, the menu has a upscale look and taste.

I got the crispy fried oysters ($9) to start, and they were great,..super light batter around plump, briny flavor. Then on to the Lobster Roll ($19). Comes with fries and they rival Elevation Burgers olive oil fries, perfectly cooked and crispy. The Lobster Roll at first appears small for the price but fills up nicely with an app and fries. Delicious, a light, horsey/mayo sauce, hardly any filler,..on a toasted potato roll. Bring the price down to $15 and we might be talking though. They make their own blueberry pie so I had a go, a very light buttery, flaky crust surrounds a disappointing filling, should of tried their homemade brownie.

The main thing to do at TB is for $13 bucks. You pick a fish, two sides and a sauce, that's what everybody is talking about and seems to be the very popular way to go. They also offer for carry-out, complete "Lobster Pots" as many as you need. A casual, airy, dining experience right on M street. Soon opening till 4am! Fri @ Sat.

,15 min lunch wait
3245 M Street NW
Washington DC


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Anonymous said...

Tackle Box in Georgetown is unsustainable to families. After working 6 months for Barton Seaver and giving him every recipie for tackle box, I was let go for asking about the pay for my staff. If any press would like to know the truth about Chef Barton Seaver or Pure hospitality(what a joke) please contact ex chef of tackle box georgetown Robert Bechtold. 703 254 7110