Saturday, February 23, 2008

Horace & Dickie's

This is the place, Horace & Dickies in NE. It lives up to it's name, the best fish sandwich in town. You've heard the reviews, seen them on television, they deliver, everyday, the same way. The place is the size of a medium size bedroom, (pictured, the small white building on the left), there's only room to walk to the register and back, no tables and chairs. The rest of the space are for the cooks,..they are very nice people, they bleed Redskins burgundy and gold, and they playfully yell at you to put some money in the tip jar.

Lets get to it. It's the 4 fillet fish sandwich (they gave me 5), and it's $5. They have a loyal distributer, it's flown in everyday and delivered to them. This is the crux of their success. Piping hot, fresh, large chunks of fish, breaking off into little bricks of thick meat. And a super light dusting of breading. Mouthwatering. That's it, done, end of fish portion of review.

The collard greens were not warmed up yet so I ordered the homemade macaroni and cheese. Perfect, greasy, oily, real cheese,..with plenty of burned edges to the macaroni. Tartar sauce, hot sauce, and a ton of napkins and your out the door, passing the lines out the door. The combination of flavors between the fish, macaroni, tartar/hot sauce,..had me laughing and mumbling to myself. This sandwich rendered all my previous fish sandwich experiences completely irrelevant. This is the Rolls Royce of fish sandwiches.

Oh, and I had also heard their fried chicken is "the best in the Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia area." -Mayor Adrian Fenty
Minutes from Eastern Market and Union Station.
,15 min lunch wait
809 12th St. NE
Washington D.C.



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