Sunday, February 10, 2008

some mad grass

i don't know much about orchids but other than kate beckinsale, i think they're one of the most intriguing things we have here on Nebulas 4. this annual driveway weed spectacle is going on down at the U.S. Botanical Garden Conservatory in Washington DC. and what do i do? i show up there with my 7 mega pixel toy, it looked like a digtal SLR convention was going on at the same time, i have never seen cameras like i saw today, these guys were serious.

i thought i would check it out, a friend had said besides Tokyo, the U.S. show here at the gardens were pretty comparable. oh, and whatever the germans are doing. not only are the gardens spectacular, the surrounding exhibits were too, this place has an absolutely different feel than the other concrete museums in the city, very calming. it's huge, and it's about 95 degrees and humid inside. about every 15 minutes, a wash of mist floats down from the 50 foot glassed ceiling so bring your shower cap.

anyway, there are unbelievably strange types of the orchid, all over, you won't believe their intricacies, so get your ass down there and check out these weeds. thru april 13.

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