Thursday, February 7, 2008

laughing out loud

When I watched the NY Giants celebrating like crazed champions on the sidelines after an assured victory in this years Super Bowl, Michael Strahan put on his victory cap,.. you know the ones that say "Champions" or whatever, and I took a pause and thought.... THEY ACTUALLY MADE THOSE?! ones that say "GIANTS Superbowl XLII Champions"?! really?

Who made those? Are they real? or are they the ones from their last Super Bowl win,... "the Norwood". Who's bright idea was that to go into the marketing meeting and propose they probably should start thinking about the design of the championship shirts and hats. Who thought the Giants would win?! Only the gerbil that lives inside Eli Mannings head.

But what about the NE Patriots victory stuff! Holy shit, they probably went so far as to construct 20,000 limited edition Patriots 19-0 Superbowl XLII Championship bicycles. 50,000 cans of limited edition Patriots 19-0 Superbowl XLII Championship soup.

A million articles of shiny, glittery, fancy, awesomely designed T's, hats, scarves, 19-0 this and 19-0 that! Perfect this,... I heard mom and pop sporting retailers in the area will lose like an average of $8,000 in revenue within the next month. I never would of guessed the 2007 NE Patriots squad would be responsible for the recession. All theses goods going to waste and hitting the recyclers. But not really. Huh?

I read today that 90% of it will go specifically to Nicaragua. The charity organizer said it will probably be the first new article of clothing they have ever had in their lives. That's pretty cool but I would love to own this stuff! I mean, if the Pats won, credit to where credit is due, In my mind they would be the best of all time,.. but they didn't and I'm a Cowboys fan and a poor sport so...I would wear these things till they were thread-bare.

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