Saturday, March 29, 2008


I've been coming to Tarbouch in Arlington Va for about 4 years now, it's a kebab joint, there are a million of them, I've tried the more notable places like Medina in Woodbridge, the Moby Dick's chain, Athens in Chevy Chase, along with tens of other places, and there all good, I mean no one's going to call the authorities on you if you grill tender ground lamb in onions, parsley, and cumin. And I could very well eat at the many other killer eateries in Arlington when I'm down that way, The Italian Store sits across the the street,..but what keeps me and many other patrons coming back is,..what else,... their food is prepared with ultra fresh ingredients, and it's prepared simply, not overdone. Pictured is the chicken and beef Kafta with flavorful chick peas, micro greens, jasmine rice and naan.

It's mediterranean so they have the Kafta, Kabab, Mezza, (try their grape leaves!). And most anything they make, they will put in a wrap or a sandwich for you , that's usually all I see people eat there when I go,..everything good in a portable package. They also have a respectable vegetarian menu too. One other note about Tarbouch, they serve you this tasty meal , but in uneccessarily ENORMOUS portions. No one will ever have to convince me to eat at Tarbouch at any time. Open till 3am Fri and Sat.
,10 min lunch wait
3110 Lee Highway

Arlington VA


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Ramzi said...

I agree this place rocks. Between the flavorful food, the nice looking waitresses and the best hookah in town I am in heaven.