Sunday, June 22, 2008

Attman's Delicatessen

Attman's Deli in Baltimore is one of the few still left standing in the heart of the city's "Corned Beef Row". A real New York Jewish Delicatessen right there in Baltimore, and it's been there for almost a century and it's still there, waiting for all of us to come by. So definitely make a trip up there if your into thick piles of pink, dripping, steaming, fatty, tender, corned beef on rye....."Corned Beef, Mustard, Rye, Period".... And with a GIANT, tart pickle..."You want it green or well done?....
Their hot dogs are classic, heaping with kraut, melted mozzarella, topped with jewish bologna. Liverwurst, tongue, matzo, lox, homemade knishes, it's all there, a dizzying array of glorious jewish fare with only the tenth of the tourists of Seventh Ave. Oh and "The Best Reuben In Baltimore". The place is cramped, it's loud, getting a table is like winning the lottery, But the corned beef is buttery, mouth-watering heaven.

,15 Min Lunch Wait
Attman's Delicatessen
1019 E. Lombard St.

Baltimore Md
f 410.563.0222

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