Sunday, June 29, 2008


the cat shit on the carpet again!
but this isn't shit. huh??! it's "catnip poop"! sewn with multi-colored yarn, treated with catnip. my guys love'em. or it's probably love until two days from now, when they pass them up like they never existed, like all the other toys. anyway, there a gas!, they look pretty real, their perfectly mis-shapened, their made by the 14 year old daughter of a local artist. she is one of the artists involved with the Pyramid Atlantic Art Center. if your looking to purchase these for christmas, i don't know what the supply would be, or if there are more available. i've e-m a couple of artists and will try to track her down. please check back, i'll change this post if they are available.

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Kimi said...

that's just down right wrong.