Sunday, June 8, 2008


a dog: "you feed me and give me shelter, you must be a god."
a cat: "you feed me and give me shelter, I must be a god."

This is my cat Katie. She'll be 6 in August. The longest 6 years of my life. I got her at 5 weeks. She could barely see, she just got separated from one of 6 brothers, and if I wasn't gonna take her some 70 year old woman would of gotten her. If I could tell her.."one more screw up and it's straight to aunt Mamie!"... I would. My living situation keeps me from having a dog, and I wanted a companion, and I got one in spades. Katie is the coolest, but you can throw her into the "shy cat" category, but,.. as soon as a guest leaves, for her, it's celebrate Gray Cat Day, everyday.

A couple weird things, she hides from thunder, but will stand next to a loud vacuum cleaner. She begs for scraps but when offered, will literally trot away from it. She often sleeps belly up,.. 4 legs up. She loves baths. She'll only drink very cold water. She's cool, she looks good, she's smart, and there ain't a single thing you can put past her. And I love her to death.

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