Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mini Burgers at Matchbox


What everybody says about Matchbox in the Penn Quarter district of Washington DC, is to try the Flat-Iron Steak Pizza and the Mini Burgers. I was in the mood for the minis, the pizza will be next time I guess. They come in quantities of 3, 6, or 9. The couple next to me ordered 9, and they looked funny and delicious, all of them sitting on that plate. I got the three and it's plenty! Little Angus beef patties with a pickle, and your choice of three cheeses on buttered brioche. Fantastic! The dill pickle adds the perfect acid, and the small portion of melted mozzarella was just enough. Top of the line Minis! The onion straws come with the meal and surprisingly they are not boring. They are delicate, crispy and sweet.

Check out the Drink List on their website, they boast award winning concoctions, along with having the reputation as one of the best martini bars in the area. Matchbox has a very hip, very cool interior, you feel like a hipster when your there, there are also different, neatly folded newspapers from around our region at every place setting at the bar - nice! And I thought the service was very friendly and laid back.

Matchbox, 713 H St. NW, Washington D.C., 202.289.1947 MAP

Friday, October 17, 2008

Julia's Empanadas


I finally made it down to one of the world famous Julia's Empanadas locations in Washington DC, it is a very well known establishment and all 3 stores are located there. An Empanada is a stuffed pastry, baked, and stuffed with various ingredients. Julia's has about 10 different kinds, the one the left is the Jamaican (ground and chopped beef, onion, potato, curry, and spices). And on the right is the Turkey w/ spring onion (cilantro, onion and jalapeno seasoned w/ tumeric). Both very good, I mean someone handing you an Empanada is like someone handing you a diamond, nothing bad can come from it, ever. I was hoping the crust was alittle more crispy and flaky but the filling more than makes up for it. It's cheap too, $3.50 apiece, and the cucumber, radish salad was fresh and only a $1.50. Julias is open till 4 am on the weekends.

2452 18th St NW, 202-328-6232 (Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan) MAP
1221 Connecticut Ave. NW, 202-861-8828 (Dupont Circle) MAP
1000 Vermont Ave, NW, 202-789-1878 (McPherson Square) MAP

Frozen custard at The Dairy Godmother


It's the Wisconsin-style vanilla frozen custard from the very popular The Dairy Godmother, located in the very quaint "Main Street" section of Mt. Vernon Ave. in Alexandria Va. I'm not huge into sweets and desserts and am the furthest thing away from a frozen custard expert but, here, it tastes like a sugar, cream, and milk fat heaven, trust me on this one.

The Dairy Godmother, 2308 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria, Va., 703.683.7767. MAP

Monday, October 13, 2008

William Claxton Oct 12, 1927 - Oct 11, 2008

Chet Baker (Piano), Hollywood, 1954. William Claxton.
William Claxton Photography

Friday, October 10, 2008

what's in your lobby?


The 22 milion dollar, 10 million pixel video wall in the lobby of the Comcast Center building in Philadelphia. 2,100 sq. ft with 4 millimeter LED lights creates an image 5 times clearer than HD TV. And in between video episodes, the screen perfectly mimics the surrounding wood paneling. A better time filler than reading last years issue of Redbook while waiting for your appointment.
Please see HD promo HERE.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Talking Head


Musician, artist and bike enthusiast David Byrne of Talking Heads in partnership with NYC Dept of Transportation and art gallery PaceWildenstein, recently designed and installed these nine bike racks in various locations around the city of New York. Please see here for more info. http://www.davidbyrne.com/art/bike_racks/index.php

The names and locations of the nine racks follow:

  • The Jersey: Northwest corner of Ninth Avenue and 39th Street, near the Lincoln Tunnel
  • The MoMA: South side of West 54th Street, east of the Avenue of the Americas
  • The Ladies’ Mile: West side of Fifth Avenue, north of 57th Street (in front of Bergdorf’s)
  • The Chelsea: In front of 530 West 25th Street, east of 11th Avenue (in front of PaceWildenstein Gallery)
  • The Hipster: West side of Bedford Avenue, near North Sixth Street, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • The Olde Times Square: South side of West 44th Street, west of Seventh Avenue
  • The Villager: In front of 536 La Guardia Place, between West Third and Bleecker Streets
  • The Wall Street: North side of 82 Wall Street, west of Water Street
  • The Coffee Cup: West side of Amsterdam Avenue, between West 110th and 111th Streets