Saturday, June 21, 2008



If you've had pizza at 2 Amy's, The Italian Store, or Pizzeria Paradiso, you gotta try Mia's right? I hauled my ass all the way out to Bethesda to try Melissa Ballingers pie. It was worth it, I had their Margherita, their classic staple, went straight to the heart. Soft, thin, light and airy crust, tomatoes straight from San Marzano Italy, and Buffalo mozzarella, cooked in a wood fire oven. You can see the oven from the street, the things blazing too. Ultra laid back atmosphere, has the feel of airy Santa Monica casual eatery, right there in the cozy art district of Bethesda. They got alot of pizza choices, great wine, and their Meatball Sliders are killer.

, $$$$$ , 15 Min Lunch Wait
Mia's 4926 Cordell Ave. Bethesda, Md 301.718.6427

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