Thursday, June 19, 2008


"HELLO,..EXACTLY!" Yes, saw The HAPPENING, or The Crappening, I like to call it..get it? And when I was in the middle of viewing this hideous disaster, I was thinkin to myself, what the hell is.........HAPPENING? to me,.... what the hell,.... is HAPPENING?,.... to me.. in this god-forsaken movie. What was HAPPENING was clinical depression, it was the most definitive act of a ten dollar bill wasted that I will ever experience. I was dying to know what was HAPPENING in the theatre next door.
I'm a huge fan of M Night Shamaloo, but this.. I have never seen a movie where every actor in it acted like they did not want to be there. And the charm of Zoey Deschanel...non-existent in this one. I dont even feel like getting into the whole premise of a movie where plants feel "oppressed" and then take it out on humans. Avoid this one, wait for the dvd, and when I say that, I mean wait until it comes out on DVD and then knock over the display.

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