Friday, January 23, 2009

Crab cake at Faidley's Baltimore



This is the award winning lump crab cake from Faidleys Seafood in the historic Lexington Market in Baltimore. You can get a platter with fries and a side but got just the crab cake. They, and most everyone say it's the best in Baltimore, and that's saying alot because crab cakes are the claim to fame for a ton of restaurants in this city. The crab cakes here are basically a large ball of almost entirely lump crab meat, surrounded by a perfect blend of tangy and sweet filling. Don't let the look of it fool you, that thing is almost ALL lump meat! The best crab cake around? I couldn't say, I don't eat many crab cakes but these were awesome. The atmosphere is great, they serve cold beer, and the staff have a good time.
For more of my pics of market see here.

200 N .Paca St., Lexington Market, Baltimore Md., 410.727.4898 MAP

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