Thursday, July 10, 2008

Baked & Wired vs. Georgetown Cupcake

Baked & Wired


The two D.C. heavyweights. No hype or build up, for what it's worth let's just taste the things and pick a winner.

B&W: pictured clockwise • Carrot Cake - a super miniature version, a very, very fluffy semi-sweet icing, moist cake • Coconut - a very rich icing, light coconut flavor, super moist cake • Chocolate - great creamy milk chocolate icing, flavorful but crumbly cake

GC: • Key Lime - Best of the 6, perfect sweet to tart icing, fluffy cake • Red Velvet - icing is a sophisticated cream cheese/buttery flavor, a somewhat dry cake • Chocolate Ganache - a deep dark chocolate flavor, thin layer of ganache, semi-moist cake

I'm not really big on sweets but first I have to say all 6 of these cupcakes were OUT OF THIS WORLD. I was ready to like Baked & Wired because of so many positive reviews but I have to be honest and in my completely novice opinion, on this day I gotta go with Georgetown Cupcake. The Key Lime destroyed. Look at it, so smug.

Baked & Wired •1052 Thomas Jefferson St., NW D.C. a202.333.2500
Georgetown Cupcake •1209 Potomac St., NW D.C. a202.333.8448

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