Friday, October 17, 2008

Julia's Empanadas


I finally made it down to one of the world famous Julia's Empanadas locations in Washington DC, it is a very well known establishment and all 3 stores are located there. An Empanada is a stuffed pastry, baked, and stuffed with various ingredients. Julia's has about 10 different kinds, the one the left is the Jamaican (ground and chopped beef, onion, potato, curry, and spices). And on the right is the Turkey w/ spring onion (cilantro, onion and jalapeno seasoned w/ tumeric). Both very good, I mean someone handing you an Empanada is like someone handing you a diamond, nothing bad can come from it, ever. I was hoping the crust was alittle more crispy and flaky but the filling more than makes up for it. It's cheap too, $3.50 apiece, and the cucumber, radish salad was fresh and only a $1.50. Julias is open till 4 am on the weekends.

2452 18th St NW, 202-328-6232 (Woodley Park-Zoo/Adams Morgan) MAP
1221 Connecticut Ave. NW, 202-861-8828 (Dupont Circle) MAP
1000 Vermont Ave, NW, 202-789-1878 (McPherson Square) MAP

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