Saturday, June 21, 2008




What are you looking at?

Oh by the way,
this is not a British chipper, or any other chipper,
this is our chipper,
if yis don't like it... hump off.

yeah, Hump Off!...Eamonn's at King St. Alexandria, is the first Irish fish and chip house I've ever heard of in this area, so no brainer, it's all about the fish! The place is small, and it fills up fast, it opened at noon and in 5 min. it was filled up! I started my meal standing up. Huge cod fillet! Thick! Light beer batter coating, sea salt, great grub. Thick square cut strands of potato they call their chips,..tasty, semi-soggy, but who really cares that much about the chips. Wanted to try their famous prawns but it's a daily thing so was not on the menu this day. They have 7 signature sauces, tried 3, killer Tartar, recommend the Chesapeake & the Kitty O'Shea. .50 each. All chased with a pint of Guiness. Will be back for the prawns. Oh and they have a ton of Irish chips, chocolate and candy for sale,..all Irish junk food, it's pretty cool.

, $$$$$ , 15 Min Lunch Wait
Eamonn's 728 King St. Alexandria Va. 703.299.8384

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