Thursday, July 24, 2008

Banh Mi at Song Que


My pork meatball Banh Mi sandwich at Song Que in Eden Center, Falls Church Va. There are plenty of shops in there selling these signature Vietnamese sandwiches, but everyone knows that "The Song" is the place for the best. And yes, it does beat out a very good sandwich at Banh Mi DC (3103-C Graham Rd., Falls Church). Here the baguette and the crisp veggies are fresh but are a standard. But the pork meatball filling was so delicate and sweet, along with the light, creamy pate dressing made it the best Banh Mi I've had,..really. The mouth was definitely happy here. Their wide variety of frozen Bubble Tea's are also very popular, did not see anyone there without one, I had the melon and it kicked ass.

The owner also told me I missed chef Anthony Bourdain by a couple of days, he and his No Reservations crew stopped in exclusively for sandwiches, and taped a segment that will feature the restaurant for an episode airing in about 3 months.

Song Que • 6773 Wilson Blvd., Falls Church, Va a703.536.7900

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