Saturday, February 16, 2008

Elevation Burger

Have a "Higher Burger" at Elevation Burger in Falls Church. The meat is 100% organic, grass-fed free range Virginia Kobe beef. It tastes alittle more like steak, a bit firm but very lean, there is little to none of the fatty juice. The burger at first looks small, wrapped in the paper pocket, but they pack it tight so it expands in size when out of it. They will also stack as many patties as you ask,..I saw a picture of a ten patty burger on-line! All the veggies are crisp and new. A really good simple tasting burger. They cook to order so there's a small wait.

The french fries are cooked in olive oil, and you can definitely taste it, which is a nice touch, and healthier,.. a few of them were soggy but no big deal, their shakes are a favorite so I tried the chocolate. They are thick, and they are thick. Served to you with a fat straw and a tall spoon. It takes a while and a little work to get that first bit of it to the top of the straw and into your mouth. And did i mention it's pretty much the best shake I've ever had?

They have veggie burgers on their small menu, and they also have what's called a "1/2 The Guilt Burger" which is one veggie patty and beef patty. That's hilarious and nutritous. If your into the protein thing they'll also wrap your burger entirely in lettuce instead of the bun.

Anyway, the place makes sense, it's almost Zen in it's simplicity to serve you a burger. A fresh tasting burger is all it is. It was packed for lunch. For me the best burger experience I've had so far in this town. It sucks I live so far away or else I'd be here a few times a week.
,10 min lunch wait
442 S. Washington St.
Falls Church Va

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james george said...

elevation burger is crap.