Sunday, February 3, 2008

Just a hunch

My boss received this e-mail on Fri.....

from a friend, and then forwarded it to me and my co-worker, it was a typical poll,..this one having to do with 10 questions that determines the commonality between you and the current (or not so current, now) presidential candidate.

I'll cut to the chase, a result of our answers, all 4 of us had Barack Obama as the "candidate we should vote for". To some this could be just what it is, a poll, but send out a million of these e-mails and if 80 % of the pollsters have the same result, would it be something useful to your candidate? Would it be something that is definitely not useful to another? Just sayin.

I've shown my colors, I would have to admit, I would not be posting this if I was to agree with Barack Obama and his ideals.

CONSPIRACY ALERT: Obamas thumbnail pic has his head 50 % larger than the other candidates, and the banner ad has him first.
4 out of 4?

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