Sunday, February 3, 2008

..look, there's that guy..

I'm a cat lover, and I'm a hetero male, I love dogs too, big time. But once you utter those words..."I'm a cat lover" and your a single male,......I don't care if your a captain in the Yakuza, your finished, banished, the looks, the sneers, then comes the whispering, and then the rock throwing. There is a quote from the late Heath Ledger to Jake Gyllenhaal from the film Brokeback Mountain:

"....bottom line is, if were around each other and this thing grabs a hold of us again, at the wrong place, at the wrong time,....were dead..."

Few people know that that quote directly has to do with the subject of the urge to own cats.

And then there is the other side of the coin for the cat lover - all cat lovers,...we buy worthless crap. Anything with anything that has to do with the subject. But heres something I found that I might get a little mileage out of because the lady's find it adorable. Cat Butts Magnets, and of course the handy Field Guide, containing helpful hints on spotting cats butts and visually documenting them.

excerpts from the Field Guide:

...Siberians are not only rare, but they are able to leap great distances. So getting a good "read" on their butt may be difficult. A common Siberian anus, when found, tends to be flying through the air. is not recommended to touch a Siamese on the anus directly... make a positive identification of a Himalayan, you will need to push the fur aside to have a look-see....

chuck the magnets, keep the Field Guide?
Online or at Borders Books $7

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