Friday, February 15, 2008


This is my cat Leo, I adopted him from an adoption agency at 4 months, and on the way home, he slept the whole way. I had him in a carrier that was way too small for a cat his size, but he didn't care, he was pooped. You would think,... a cat,..going to a place where he actually doesn't know what from where,'s eyes are darting, nervous,.. there was none of that, he was crashed, and whatever I was doing or wherever I was going, whoever I was, he knew when he woke up, he would deal with it.

He eats when he wants to, he sleeps wherever he wants, he walks around like he's king shit,.. but he never disrespects my older, larger cat Katie.

And he never leaves my side. He looks directly into my eyes for long peroids of time. Every morning when the sun comes up, he makes it a point to quietly position his face an inch from mine, then proceeds to lick my head, until I'm up. Like clockwork. I don't mind that he ruins my sleep. He's fiercly loyal and intelligent. And he always walks along beside me.

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