Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my 7 questions on heaven and hell

1. will there be steamed crabs in heaven? if not let me know now.

2. in hell is there going to be an actual "lake of fire"? and if so, will the lake be made entirely of flames? or will there be really hot water with the flames on top or along the banks.

3. can god at any time, forgive someone from hell and then bring him into the kingdom of heaven?

4. can we see hell from heaven?

5. how will we be able to make intricate decisions and express complex feelings in the after-life without an actual working brain? wait, we have that now and most of us can't do those things, nix that.

6. in hell, is there an actual, physical devil? and is he right now in Iraq?

7. in heaven, how can i enjoy the feeling of eternal salvation if i knew a relative or friend was elsewhere and burning. and when those feelings come up, will we have the option of expressing "remind me later".

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