Monday, April 7, 2008

open house

The Washington Nationals baseball organization here in D.C. opened up the brand new Nationals Stadium on saturday to the public as a "open house", open to whoever wanted to come and give anyone the opportunity to check everything out. If this is a way of winning over fans on the baseball "fence", IT WORKED!! They allowed anyone to explore every inch and corner of the park. I was excited, everyone on the metro was excited, great idea all around!

Every facet of the park, concessions, etc was open as if it were a playoff game, the staff was as nice as can be. The Nats/St. Loius Cardinals game was to be broadcast on the huge big screen at 1 pm, and that would be the event of the day. Perfect. Here are my observations of the new park.

1. Only about 20% of the park is confined indoors, the rest outdoors.
2. Navigating the park is very easy, point a to point b is a breeze.
3. BIG SCREEN IS HUGE! You gotta see it to believe it.
4. The food is the most expensive I have ever seen, by far.

5. There are a staggering amount of choices for grub, Red Hot & Blue, Bens Chili Bowl, Hard Times Cafe, gourmet burgers, pizza, pasta, sausage, chicken, about 10 different kind of hot dogs, including Nats Dogs (huge footlongs), desserts, and more desserts.
6. If you want to get any of the premier eats, you have to wait, they havent figured that out yet.

7. The suites are sweet! Only for the ultra rich.
8. Ultra kid friendly, state of the art video batting cages, Playstation flatscreen arcade, all free, no coins needed.
9. More bathrooms than...well everywhere you turn there are huge bathrooms.

10. Did I say the concessions were $$? Smallest beer 16.oz. $6.75.
11. I counted about 10 bars/pubs, half of them outside, all of them with great views, numerous flat screens, all serving food.
12. And last but not least Crabcake sandwiches.

Click here to see pics.

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