Tuesday, April 7, 2009

F#ck Copter


If your having a crappy day, just fly the Fuck Copter around your office and let everyone know how you feel.

Hey… we’re all jaded and sometimes you just don’t give a flying fuck… but wouldn’t it be nice if you could? Now you can give a flying fuck to a friend or loved one. This fine r/c helicopter is in the form of a giant hovering FUCK. It has two-channel control meaning it is always moving forward slowly. You control the hover and right and left turns. It’s really a genuine gift from the heart… Rather than telling someone you don’t care a rats ass about them, you can let them know you respect them enough to give a flying fuck. Awww… We’re tearing up right about now.

Important Note
The FUCK in the image above is blurred out, but when you get the real copter it’s not blurred… Capiche?

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