Friday, August 8, 2008

Games of the XXIX Olympiad


Why is there suddenly smog inside my apartment? Anyway the opening ceremonies on a 86 hour delay will be broadcast tonight at 7:30, NBC added an half hour, because apparently they were so knocked out by the rehearsals they wanted to cover it all. The closing ceremoies will be Sunday the 24th. I will be donning the official one piece, full body, Team USA cycling leotard for the 2 plus weeks. Some Olympics Blogs of note:

Rings - The New York Times Olympics Blog
Heavy Medal - Washington Post Reporters Blog
Ticket To Beijing: Daily Dispatches On The Olympic Games - L.A. Times Olympics Blog
Blogging Beijing - The Seattle Times

Fan Nation - Beijing Olympics Blog - & CNN Digital

NBC Olympics - Destination Beijing
The Unofficial 2008 Beijing Olympics Blog
China Digital Times

Beijing Olympics Blog
Beijing Olympics Fan!

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